Time is Money, So Pay to Speed Things Up

Phew. In my estimation I am now about two weeks away from launch!

In all honestly, I could have already launched if I hadn’t been relying on some free product photography from a friend.

Great product photography is worth paying for.

Having a tight group of talented, helpful friends is one of the best assets an entrepreneur can have, and it’s always much appreciated when said talented friends offer their services for free.

However, you get what you pay for, and sometimes that can backfire.

While my photographer friend is very good at what she does, she recently had some personal events occur that have eaten up almost all of her free time. This means my photoshoot has been pushed to the backburner.

I’m definitely not upset in any way about this. Life stuff happens and since I’m not paying, there is no reason for me to get upset.

I do need to get a move on with my launch date though, so I’ve decided to hire a photographer instead.

Reasons to Not Delay My Launch:

I could delay launching an extra week or two until my friend has more free time but what will that cost me?

  • That’s a week or two that my products are not available for sale.
  • That’s a week or two where I’m not optimizing my website with real customers.
  • That’s a week or two closer that I have to hold up my brand awareness campaigns.
  • That’s a week or two closer to the end of year holiday shopping season that I’m not “out there.”

That’s not good.

Because of all the things I mentioned above I have reached out to another one of my talented friends and asked to hire her to take product photos. I made it clear from the get-go that I wanted to be a paying customer so that there would be no awkwardness or unclear expectations.

As a customer I can request a shoot date (this Sunday) and I will also expect a reasonable turn-around time on the final product just like any other paying customer.

I suspect that my friend is giving me some kind of discount on the pricing, and since I am working with a startup budget (aka my own savings) I’m happy to roll with that as long as it doesn’t affect quality or timing.

Timing is of the essence.

Time is money.